Introduction to Ballet Level 2
Introduction to Ballet for Adults with Minami Suzuki

Introduction to Ballet Level 2

Details at a glance
Beginner; some experience required
Start date
July 24, 2020 (Americas), July 25, 2020 (Japan)
Course duration
8 weeks
Live session schedule
Every Friday at 9PM EST / 土曜日 10時 JST
Live session length
90 minutes
Maximum student capacity
Minimum age requirement
12 years or older

Want to get back into ballet? Refresh your skills and empower your movement once again.

Isolation can be a challenge, so let's reconnect with each other (and ourselves!) through this online ballet program from the comfort of your home.

Instructor Minami

This 8-week program is designed especially for beginners with basic ballet experience. I hope to bring you together, inspire you, have fun with creative movement. No doubt we will all make new friends too! 


Why 8 weeks?

I've designed this beginner course to start up and accelerate your dancing ability, giving you all the necessary tools and abilities you need to jump into regular ballet classes and even enhance your skills in other forms of dance.


As you probably know, classical ballet is the foundation of nearly all forms of dance.

However, you may not have thought about this: 

Learning and practicing ballet will not only help you improve your skills with other forms of dance, but also in sports (just ask professional football players!) and everyday life as well.




Here are the awesome benefits of ballet:


  • Improved posture and muscle tone - 姿勢を整え筋肉を引き締める
  • Enhanced coordination and gracefulness - 優雅さとコーディネーションを手に入れる
  • Increased Strength and endurance - 身体をより強く、そしてより粘り強くする
  • Higher mental clarity and energy levels - エネルギーを高め、精神を明瞭にする
  • Better self-confidence and body image - より良い自分に!自信を持てるカラダに

What's all included in the course?

  • A fun and social learning experience!
  • Personal attention from me, your instructor Minami during each 90-minute class 
  • Essential ballet knowledge, skills and vocabulary
  • Fun choreographies
  • 8 Live, interactive weekly class sessions - each one building on what you learned the previous week. 12 hours total!
  • On-demand access to the video recording of each class so you can practice throughout the week
  • A course completion certificate
  • A sense of community and opportunity to make new friends with similar interests



  • 学ぶ楽しさ!
  • クラスの中で一人一人に合ったアドバイスをもらえます!
  • バレエに必要な知識やスキル、バレエ用語が学べます。
  • プログラムの最後には、学んだことを生かした振り付けが与えられます。
  • クラスは、毎週少しづつレベルアップして行きます。確実に成長していけるようじっくりと進めて行きます。
  • 見逃しても大丈夫!レッスン動画が後からでも観る事ができます。復習にも最適です!
  • プログラム終了証明書が発行されます。
  • 共通の趣味を持った友人ができるかもしれません!

What's required?  参加条件

  • Some experience and knowledge of basic ballet leg and arm positions  
  • バレエの腕や足の基本的なポジションがわかっていることが望ましいです。または、他のジャンルのダンス経験者も参加が可能です。

What's NOT required? 必要ではないもの

  • A perfect body  -  完璧な身体
  • Dance shoes   -  バレエシューズ

Bring these to class  持ち物

  • A positive attitude and open mind - 前向きな心構え
  • Comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely  - 動きやすい服装
  • Socks  -  靴下
  • A chair  -  背もたれのある椅子
  • Water   -  お水
  • The Zoom app on your computer or mobile device  -  Zoomアプリ(パソコン、携帯、またはタブレット)

Ready to get started?  さあ、始める準備はできましたか?

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Introduction to Ballet for Adults with Minami Suzuki