Register for Interactive Online Ballet & Yoga Classes

Interact and get live instructor feedback, or watch the class later. First 3 days free!

Currently we have live classes six days a week featuring yoga and ballet taught by Minami, with more instructors and classes possibly coming on board later! 

Class Schedule

Eastern Standard Time
Day Hour Class type
Monday 21:00-22:00
Yoga conditioning
Tuesday 21:00-22:15 Beginner Ballet
Wednesday 9:00-10:00 Yoga conditioning
21:00-22:15 Intermediate Ballet
Thursday REST No class. Netflix & chill.
Friday 21:00-22:15 Intermediate Ballet
Saturday  10:00-11:15 Intro to Ballet (course members only)
Sunday 9:00-10:00 Yoga conditioning
10:15-11:30 Beginner Ballet

How does it work?

You can attend live and get real-time feedback (as long as you enable your camera during the class). You'll also be able to watch the recording later!

What's the price?

 🇨🇦Canadian Dollar
$40 monthly, or $15 weekly

That's 32 classes (or more!) per month for the price of 2 in-studio classes, which breaks down to about $1 per class!
Yes, we're crazy. And yes, we love you. ❤️

How do I get started?

Easy! Sign up for the membership and activate your Sora Studio Live account password.

Choose your plan:

Weekly Monthly
$15/week $40/month (save over 50%)
3-day free trial, cancel anytime
32+ classes per month
3 yoga and 5 ballet classes per week

Please note:

  • You will not be charged for 3 days after you register. Cancel before that if you're not satisfied with the classes. 
  • Check your email to confirm your address and complete the setup of your account to make sure you get access. 

Remember that your membership is "all you can eat". This means you can attend every class if you can handle it!