Minami Suzuki 

Minami SuzukiMinami was born and raised in Japan.  She started dancing ballet when she was 3 years old and since then, her life was all about ballet.  After receiving numerous awards at domestic and international competitions, such as a Silver Medal at Le Chausson D’or  International Competition in Paris and 1st prize at the National Ballet Competition of Tokyo in Japan, she became a professional ballet dancer when she was 15, and made her principal role debut when she was only 20 years old. She has worked with Star Dancers Ballet in Tokyo, Ballet Jorgen in Canada and various international projects with famous dancers and choreographers. 

In late 2013, Minami was introduced to AntiGravity® Fitness and joined the original team that launched the technique across Japan. In 2015, she became the very first 2-star AntiGravity Instructor Trainer in the world, and attended the AntiGravity® Global Summit representing Japan. She has great passion and love for her work, students and trainees, and is adored by AntiGravity® Fitness headquarters in New York. 

In 2016, Minami decided to move to Canada to open the first AntiGravity Yoga studio, “Sora Studio” in Toronto where she popularized aerial yoga. In 2019, she opened a dance studio called “The Fifth”, and introduced a new style of ballet to Toronto. After inspiring dancers and yogis in Toronto, she's returned to Japan and now motivated to do the same for people around the world, starting with Sora Studio Live.